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Wild opium lettuce (Lactuca virosa)

Wild opium lettuce (Lactuca virosa)
Wild opium lettuce (Lactuca virosa) #0
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Botanical name:
Lactuca virosa


Since Antiquity, wild opium lettuce has been used as a medicinal opium substitute. The dried milk-sap or boiled leaves of this wild lettuce are mildly narcotic, traditionally serving as a home remedy for coughs.

200 opium lettuce seeds

Growing instructions
Opium lettuce is an annual or hardy biennial which can grow up to 2m high in sunny locations. Sow seeds broadcast in spring outdoors and only just cover the seed. Germination is usually quick at warm temperatures.

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Other names

German names:
Giftsalat, Stinklattich, Stinksalat, Wilder Lattich
English names:
bitter lettuce, great lettuce, laitue vireuse, opium lettuce, poisonous lettuce, rakutu–karyumu–so, tall lettuce, wild lettuce
French names:
laitue sauvage, laitue vireuse
Spanish names:
cardo de leche, cardo lechal, cardo lechar bravo, cerraya, escoba, hierba lechera, lactucario, lechacino, lechara, lechariega, lecherina brava, lecherín, lechuga asnal, lechuga borde, lechuga brava, lechuga de asnos, lechuga espinosa, lechuga montés, lechuga ponzoñosa,lechuga silvestre, lechuga venenosa, lechuga virosa, lechugueta, liteira, rasposa, serrallón, serraya
Italian names:
lattuga velenosa


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