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Oyster-leaf (Mertensia maritima)

Oyster-leaf (Mertensia maritima)
Oyster-leaf (Mertensia maritima) #0


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Oysterleaf can be found growing wild on the coast of Scotland. Its fleshy leaves are rich in a flavour, which is comparable to oysters, anchovies, mushrooms and borage.

10 Seeds

Growing instructions
This plant is a cold-germinator. The sowing must be kept cold for a period of some weeks (refrigerator) or you sow them in very early spring or autumn. Mix the seeds with damp sand in a plastic bag. The sowing must be kept warm (about 20°C / 64 to 72°F and moist for the first 2-4 weeks. After this period place it in your refrigerator at a temperature of 5°C (between 25 and 39°F) for 5 to 6 weeks. After that take the bag out and keep it at room temperature. Check for sprouted seed regulary.


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by ihhvzqya on 4/3/11

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by Takeo Tomiok on 6/1/08

Oysterleaf (Mertensia maritima) Product code: MER01 20 Seeds Price :2.55EUR 500 Seeds  2.55EUR×25=63.75EUR Would you please give us your Fax number in order for us to send you our credit card details for the payment? Please reply by return.

Kein Titel

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by yeghzvekmie on 3/20/10

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Kein Titel

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by Essie on 12/9/11

You really found a way to make this whole proecss easier.

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