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Seed Kit

Seed Kits
One for everyone: plant-enthusiasts, gardening-pros and the indecisive - we have created a huge selection of seed kits for you. The range includes: a set with all tomato plant seed bestsellers, a starter-kit to grow your first herb-, and vegetable
garden on your humble balcony or windowsill and we also offer vegetable-, herb, - and flower seed kits based on the colour, taste or genus of their plant family… their particular agencies or any other aspect the heart may desire.
A seed kit may be the perfect answer for people who are yet inexperienced with how to combine plants. Or they may be a lovely gift to somebody, who enjoys being in touch with nature and takes great pleasure from digging their hands into the soil, while growing their own veggies and herbs for the kitchen. Or maybe you are new to the wonders and experiences out there to be discovered, in the beautiful world of plants? Enjoy and be inspired!.