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Medicinal Plant Seeds

Medicinal Plants
Medicinal herb seeds are seeds of plants which have been standing in a special relation to mankind since ancient times. These are, for example, medicinal herbs for preparing potions or ointments that are traditionally grown in monastery gardens. Medicinal herbs also refers to plants that provide ingredients for natural remedies or which are well suited as tea herbs.




Seeds of African medicinal plants and herbs. Of course, the huge continent has a large variety of medicinal plants which are proven for centuries. Most of these plants are little known in the rest of the world and are unlikely to be cultivated on a large scale outside of Africa.

American Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal herbs and other medicinal plant seeds from North, Central and South America. One encounters here, of course, the medicinal plants of the native Indian tribes, the Mayas and Aztecs. Tap into the knowledge of these sophisticated civilizations with regard to the healing powers of nature.

Asian Medicinal Herbs

Seeds of Asian medicinal herbs and plants, originally sourced from China, India or the continent Asia in general. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has now spread throughout the rest of the world and is well accepted. It is a healing method which considers the human being as a whole and which uses herbal extracts, tinctures and infusions from medicinal plants to cure various ailments.

Australian medicinal plants

Australia has developed its own traditional folk medicine cultivated by their indigenous Aborigines who know the secrets of herbal medicine. Different to our traditions, mainly leaves, bark and crops of trees are used as ingredients and not so many

European Medicinal Herbs

The knowledge of medicinal plants in Europe and the tradition of the art of healing with herbs and plants has evolved and got carried on over the centuries on the one hand from the knowledge of the (mostly female) healers and herbalists, and on the other through the healing traditions of the monasteries.



Essential oils are indispensable in natural and herbal medicine and cosmetics. They are obtained by distilling plant parts with the aid of water vapor. The by-products of water vapor distillation of plants with a high content of essential oils, called hydrolates, are also very valuable.

Ayurvedic herbs

The name 'Ayurveda' refers to the 5000-year-old traditional Indian healing art that is being practiced in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka even today. An important pillar of this medicine is the healing herbology. Also in Europe Ayurveda is becoming increasingly well known.

Natural cosmetics

Many medicinal plants for external use are suitable not only for the acceleration of wound healing, but also for the relief of skin problems, which makes them ideal for non-medical use in make-up, beauty and skin care products.


Superfood is not a clearly defined term, but it has nevertheless been on everyone's lips for a long time now. In principle, it refers to plants which have particularly high proportions of health-promoting ingredients. Many of them are very easy to grow in your own garden.

Tea herbs

Tea herbs

Most well-known European herbal teas are actually medicinal herb preparations. Peppermint, fennel, chamomile, sage and nettle all belong to the most effective European medicinal plants. The preparation of tea is very simple yet very effective. Almost all known tea herbs can be cultivated very well on a windowsill, balcony and terrace.