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Tomato Seeds

Tomato seeds, mainly of old varieties. The area of origin of the tomato is probably Central or South America. Wild ancestors of the crop can still be located in northern Chile and Venezuela.
After the first tomato seeds and plants reached Europe already in 1498 with Christopher Columbus, they have steadily grown in popularity.
Tomatoes can be grown in the open field, in a greenhouse or as potted plant, for example kept on the balcony. In any case, they love strongly fertilized calcareous soil. The light and water requirements of tomatoes are fairly high.

The main problem when growing tomatoes is moist and cool weather, so they are often grown under a rain cover. A simple greenhouse or protective fleece will keep them safe from moisture and ensures proper ventilation. Tomatoes are one of the few vegetables which prefer the same location every year. Only if there has been a massive disease infestation, you should plant your tomato seedlings in another spot the following year. Depending on the variety, tomato plants need some support and have to be tied to rods, trellis, stakes or cords.

With most of the higher-growing tomatoes, their side-shoots must be pinched out so there are only three main shoots left. This is necessary to ensure proper air circulation and to limit the number of fruits. Also, heat-loving varieties ripen a lot better when they are pinched out. Bushy tomatoes and small fruit varieties don't need pinching out usually.
We offer heirloom tomato seeds of old tomato varieties and organic cultivars.