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Organic Seeds

Organic Seeds
Organic seeds - what's the difference to normal seeds?

Our organic seeds are harvested from plants that have been cultivated in controlled organic farming. This means reconsidering cultivation from an ecological point of view, without the use of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides, using only biological pest control and growing the plants outdoors in the field.
In most cases, the companies have already undergone years of checks, so you get only untreated organic plant seeds. All our organic seed producers are certified at least according to the EU organic standards, many of them also fulfill other certifications, such as Demeter, Bioland or Naturland.

Only non-genetically modified varieties are cultivated. There's also special emphasis on non-hybrid, open-pollinating, traditional and old varieties - but this is not mandatory. There are quite a lot of perfectly fine organic seeds of hybrid varieties.

Here at MagicGardenSeeds we have decided against hybrid varieties, because we only want to give you seedfast, open-pollinating, sturdy and fully reproducible organic seeds. Most of our seeds have been produced in Germany or in neighbouring European countries, thus they are especially suitable for temperate climates and will grow into healthy, robust and vigorous plants in those conditions.