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Exotic and Tropical Plants Seeds

Exotic Plants
The category of exotic plants contains a variety of plant seeds from the tropics. Among them are heirloom agricultural crops and fruit trees and many special spices. Hobby gardeners often refer to tropical plants as "exotic plants" - a somewhat imprecise concept, as "exotic" simply means "foreign" and is therefore a very relative term, which dates back to the reference frame of the former colonial powers and thus implies a European perspective.
The cultivation of tropical and exotic plants from seed is a passion for many gardeners and often requires special equipment, as these plants need different climatic conditions. Additional heat, moisture or greenhouse cultivation are often necessary for tropical seeds, so that they not only germinate, but also develop into healthy plants.




Banana Seeds

Banana seeds usually germinate after a few weeks, sometimes not until after 1-3 months. Temperatures between 28-30 °C are ideal for germination. Due to the rapid growth, banana plants will later need plenty of water and fertilization.


Coffee Seeds

Coffee is known as a beverage in Europe since the 17th century, and it has become absolutely indispensable since then. There are 124 species worldwide, but in Europe, we mainly use the varieties Arabica (Coffea arabica) and Robusta (Coffea canephora), whereas at least nine coffee species are grown and consumed worldwide


Cactus Seeds

Seeds of cacti and other succulents. These often prickly fellows can be cultivated from seed - and even more great news: There are a few hardy cactus varieties which can stay outside the whole year and grow in relatively harsh climates - under certain conditions, of course.

Palm trees

Palm Tree Seeds

Palm trees are among the most popular houseplants worldwide because of their magnificent appearance and ease of care.

Passion flowers

Passion flowers

The plant genus of passion flowers (Passiflora) includes 530 species that originate primarily from the tropical and subtropical regions in Central and South America. They are almost always perennial vines or climbing plants with beautiful flowers.


Tobacco seeds

Lately, the old tradition of tobacco growing in your own garden has come to enjoy new popularity. If you keep tobacco plants in large pots and put them in a frost-free place to hibernate, the plants will develop into magnificent bushes and give you a bountiful harvest the second year.

Tropical Plants

Tropical Plant Seeds

While the tropical climate is a true plant paradise, plant lovers from temperate or colder climates can also grow plants from the tropics and subtropics. They are often very good house plants and can be grown from seeds.