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Ethnobotanicals Seeds

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Since the beginning of civilization, people have used plants as medicine. Perhaps as early as Neanderthal man, plants were believed to have healing powers.Ethnobotany is the studies of the complex relationships between plants and cultures. In the Ethnobotanicals section you find seeds from plants which have medicinal or ritual uses ("Sacred Plants"). Ethnobotanists explore how plants were used for such things as food, shelter, medicine, clothing and religious ceremonies.
Ethnobotany has its roots in botany and in fact, medicine and botany have always had close ties. Many of today's drugs have been derived from plant sources. Research in plant sources continues and plants are still used as the basis for some drug development. For example the jungles and rain forests of South America contains an incredibly diverse number of plant species, some still unexplored and many potentially useful as medicinal sources.