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Black henbane (Hyoscyamus niger)

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Black henbane (Hyoscyamus niger)
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Seed quantity:
300 Pcs.
Botanical name:
Hyoscarpus niger, Hyoscyamus niger


The black henbane is a truly exceptional plant. With a look that is very striking - the glandular hairy leaves, crisscrossed with black veins, white flowers, the dry seed pods - it has a very special look to it, but all parts of the plant are highly
poisonous! Antiquity embraced this poisonous herbaceous plant with the sticky hairy leaves and unpleasant smell for reasons of divine worship. In Medieval times, black henbane won recognition for its part in the concoction of "flying potion" and as an intoxicating additive to beer - until the 17th century, beer was mixed with black henbane to enhance its impact. By means of the German medieval beer purity law, henbane and many other beer ingredients were outlawed and no longer used. Ethnologists speculate that the name of the city Pilsen, home of Pilsner beer, derives from the German word for henbane, "Bilsenkraut".

In folk medicine hyoscyamus niger was used as anticonvulsant especially for curing bronchial asthma, , and the oil gained from the plant has also proved to be an effective narcotic and often administered before operations. Since the active ingredient content can vary greatly between plants and plant parts, the treatment often lead to serious poisoning. Today black henbane is only administered in homeopathic dilution.

Caution: The whole plant is very poisonous and is particularly dangerous for children!

300 Black henbane seeds

Growing instructions
Scatter seeds broadcast on seed sowing compost and press them into the soil gently, possibly slightly covering them from above with finely sieved soil. Keep warm! Germination is often reluctant. Let the seeds pre-soak for six hours in warm water, or treat them with a cold stimulus (temperatures below -12 °C) for four hours before sowing.
The annual henbane plant dies after fall, but can also be biennial, depending on sowing time. Henbane loves bright places and plenty of nitrogen (fertilization). Can also be kept as a houseplant.

Details: Plant description & care

Plant family:
Plant height approx.:
30–60 cm
Root system :
Deep roots
Flower colour:
Black, White
Flowering period :
August, July, June, October, September
Water requirements:
Lifecycle :
Annual, Biennial

Sowing & cultivation

Indoor pre-culture (seedling stage):
April, March
Sowing time outdoors:
April, August, May, September
Sowing depth:
5 cm
Best germination temperature :
20 °C
Germination time in days:
14 – 28
Planting distance approx.:
60 – 90 cm
Main harvest:
Before flowering

Companion planting

Other names

German names:
Bilselsamen, Bilsen, Binselkraut, Hexenkraut, Hundsgift, Hühnertod, Raasewurz, Schwarzes Bilsenkraut, Tollkraut, Zankkraut
English names:
Black henbane, Henbane, Stinking nightshade
French names:
Jusquiame noire
Spanish names:
Abeleño, Adamanta, Aveniños, Belaño negro, Belesa, Beleño, Beleño negro, Beninos, Beniños, Benjí, Bininos, Carapuchetes, Cañamones locos, Dormidera, Garbancillo loco, Hierba loca, Niños, Tabaco borde, Tomalocos, Veleño, Veleño negro, Veliño, Venina, Veñiña, Yerba loca
Italian names:
Giusquiamo nero


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5 of 5 stars
by dable on 1/4/05

hab die erfahrung gemacht, dass es in freier rund 3 mal so hoch wird als wenn es nach der vorzucht im topf bleibt

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