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Drug Fumitory (Fumaria officinalis)

Drug Fumitory (Fumaria officinalis)
Drug Fumitory (Fumaria officinalis) #0 Drug Fumitory (Fumaria officinalis) #1 Drug Fumitory (Fumaria officinalis) #2
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Seed quantity:
100 Pcs.
Botanical name:
F. media, F. sturmii, F. vulgaris, Fumaria officinalis


Fumitory's scientific name "Fumaria" comes from the Latin word for smoke (fumus) and is allegedly etymologically based on the fact that the juice of this wild poppy plant is similar to smoke, both in terms of the smell and the tear-jerking response
of the eye it causes. On the other hand the transparent flowers or the light blue-gray colored leaves that look like ascending smoke could also have given the fumitory its name.

Fumaria officinalis is native to Central Europe and grows wild on the edges of fields and on rough pastures. The plant branches out and grows up to 50cm high, bears spherical fruits and is a decorative summer flower. Earth smoke, as it is also called, is a wild poppy plant traditionally used as an incense herb with a stimulating effect on liver and gallbladder and as a protection against skin diseases and eczema. The drug fumitory is toxic in high doses.

Package with approx. 100 fumitory seeds

Growing instructions

Annual flower. Sow from March to April directly outdoors. Loves sunny locations and soils with a high nutrient content.

Details: Plant description & care

Plant family:
Plant height approx.:
20–60 cm
Root system :
Deep roots
Flower colour:
Pink, Red, Violet
Flowering period :
August, July, June, May, November, October, September
Partially shady, Sun
Water requirements:
Lifecycle :
Winter hardy up to:
–7 °C

Sowing & cultivation

Sowing time outdoors:
April, March, October, September
Sowing depth:
5 cm
Best germination temperature :
5 – 10 °C
Germination time in days:
20 – 30
Planting distance approx.:
25 x 25 cm

Companion planting

Other names

German names:
Ackerraute, Angenehmkräutel, Apostelkraut, Bitterkrut, Elfenrauch, Erdgalle, Erdkraut, Feldkraut, Franzosenkraut, Gemeiner Erdrauch, Grindkraut, Katzenkerbel, Krätzheil, Nonnenkraut, Rauchkraut, Taubenkerbel, Taubenkropf
English names:
Earth smoke


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