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Seed gift box: 'San Pedro Cactus Varieties', 3 mythical San Pedro cacti of the trichocereus species

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Seed gift box: 'San Pedro Cactus Varieties', 3 mythical San Pedro cacti of the trichocereus species
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All cacti of the sub genus trichocereus and the main genus echinopsis are desert plants (desert cacti). They can be identified through their typical light green, ribbed and columnar stature. Over time, these cacti can grow as high as 2 meters. Cacti
grow slowly, though: It takes them about five years to grow 20 cm.
Therefore, some patience is needed before one can enjoy their beautiful flowers. The cacti usually blossom once they have reached a height of about 30 cm.
These cacti are indigenous to South America. Archeological findings indicate that they were traditionally used as medicinal plants and for shamanic rituals. This seed kit contains 3 San Pedro cactus varieties of the type trichocereus:
  • San Pedro cactus (trichocereus pachanoi)
    The fast-growing San Pedro cactus grows approximately 30cm per year. It is often utilised for building cactus fences.
  • Peruvian San Pedro Torch cactus (trichocereus peruvianus)
    This columniform variety originates in Peru. Its fragrant white flowers are funnel-shaped, ca. 25 cm long and blossom at night.
  • Cardon Grande (trichocereus terscheckii)
    This columniform cactus from the Andes grows like a tree and can reach heights of up to 10-12 meters. It is gigantic!
The seeds of each variety are packaged in a separate sachet (20 seeds per sachet).

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