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Growing instructions

Growing instructions

Growing instructions
We would like to offer you a space here for more in depth growing information, as unfortunately, the seed pack sachets often only have limited space for the most essential growing instructions relevant to each plant variety.

Some plants have very specific requirements to germinate successfully and may need some extra attention. Some might need higher temperatures to germinate or in other cases the seeds themselves need pre-treatment, for example cold stratification.
Bit by bit, we aim to share our extensive expertise with you here and intend to add more detailed instructions over time, particularly to support you with growing the 'hard cases' amongst our 'green-leafed friends'. We are passionate about growing plants ourselves and know that there is nothing more magical than the heartfelt joy, when after months of trying to nurture a pre-culture, unexpectedly a tiny green seedling emerges at last.


Carrots & root veggies

Carrots, parsley root and parsnip are traditional root vegetables used as soup greens, and the three of them can be grown from seed very similiarly. Also, common salsify, oyster plant and turnip-rooted chervil can be planted using this cultivation


Chillies are not only hot and cause quite some heat when they are consumed, they also require a lot of it for good growth. This concerns both the germination of the seeds and the growth of the plants and fruit, both need a lot of light and heat. If


If gardeners grow their tomatoes from seed, it's mainly for one reason: There are so many different rare and heirloom varieties that simply are not commercially available as garden-ready shrubs.