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Mexican habanero pepper (Capsicum chinense)

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Mexican habanero pepper (Capsicum chinense)
Mexican habanero pepper (Capsicum chinense) #0 Mexican habanero pepper (Capsicum chinense) #1 Mexican habanero pepper (Capsicum chinense) #2 Mexican habanero pepper (Capsicum chinense) #3
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20 Pcs.
Botanical name:
C. sinense, C. toxicarium, Capsicum chinense


World famous for their uncompromising heat, Mexican habanero chillies are handled with great caution, minuscule amounts of the tiny fruits spice up a large variety of Mexican dishes. The chili cultivar 'Habanero' is - unlike the name conveys - from
Mexico and not from the Caribbean, with its Latin name Capsicum chinense already suggesting the complex export history - the seeds were exported to Asia at some point, where they were discovered by European biologists who called it "Chinese pepper" incorrectly.

The Mexican Habanero Chili is a very hot classic chilli, with 150000-325000 Scoville and the typical orange fruits that look like mini peppers. But beware: the confusion with mini peppers can be very painful. Connoisseurs describe its flavor as fruity-smoky and almost tropical with a very fast-acting, strong pungency.

The fruits of the Mexican varieties are usually 2-6 cm long and about 3 cm wide and yellow to orange colored when ripe. However, there are several Caribbean varieties, such as the 'Red Carribean', which turn red when they reach maturity. Habanero pepper bears plenty of fruit most of the times, grows up to 120 cm high and has rather broad green leaves. The fruits are often used fresh in salsas or dried or pickled.
20 Mexican Habanero pepper seeds

Growing instructions

Cultivation and sowing: How to grow habanero chilli peppers from seed

Details: Plant description & care

Plant family:
Plant height approx.:
100 cm
Root system :
Heart type roots
Flower colour:
Flowering period :
August, July, June, September
Water requirements:
Lifecycle :
Winter hardy up to:
5 °C

Sowing & cultivation

Indoor pre-culture (seedling stage):
April, February, January, March
Sowing depth:
1 – 2 cm
Best germination temperature :
25 – 28 °C
Planting distance approx.:
40 x 40 cm
Main harvest:
August, October, September

Companion planting

Bad intercropping partners:
Celery, Cucumbers, Peas, Potatoes, Tomatoes
Good intercropping partners:
Beans, Garlic, Lettuce, Marigold, Nasturtium

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