Why can’t I pay per invoice?

We try to keep the prices as low as possible. Payment by invoice would increase the administration by a great extent. We want to avoid these costs and particularly the time delay at the handling of your order.

Is my personal information safe?

We use safe technology: our Secure Socket Layer is one of the best and most common in internet trading. All your personal information like credit card number, bank code, bank account, name or address will be encrypted and cannot be read by an unauthorized third party.

Bank account and credit card numbers

This information will not be saved completely on our server. Therefore you have to provide your account number or credit card number every time you order something. This means less convenience for you but much more security since it is impossible for an unauthorized third party to gain access to this information.

How can I find out if my order is already on the way?

Log in and follow the link "Where is my order?" to "My account". There you can see the status of your order. Open means your order is not yet processed. Shipped means your order is on the way. Canceled means you canceled your order.

How much is the shipping cost?

The postage depends on the weight, size and destination of the package. It is calculated automatically.

What happens if certain items are out of stock?

It is possible that certain items cannot be supplied in the required quantity at a given time. Subsequent deliveries are free. If you ordered a large amount of a certain item we cannot guarantee instant availability. Our team can inform you about the current stock. Please contact

Price policy and availability

Even though we constantly check the prices they might change. If the actual price is less than the one listed on the site you get the lower price without further notice. But if the actual price is higher we will inform you and ask for your confirmation. Note: the given price on the web site is binding. Please take attention that the price of an item that has been on your list of saved items for a while might have changed meanwhile.

Right to return

Unused items can be returned within fourteen days. If the overall value of the return is less than 40 Euro of the original bill than the customer pays the postage (only for customers within Germany). If we have sent the wrong items you naturally won't be charged. Please contact before you return any articles: Of course we give you a refund on the postage if the reclamation is justified. Returns with postage unpaid will not be accepted.

I can’t find the item I am looking for. What can I do?

Please write a mail to and we try to help you. Maybe we can find the item for you.

I have forgotten my password or cannot gain access to my e-mail address any more

If you have forgotten your password we can send it to you by e-mail. Please tell us your e-mail address and you get the necessary information.

Payment failures.

Credit cards are handled by an external security service. Payments, which have been placed but not completed will be cancelled automatically after the time limit has exceeded. It is not possible to change payment mode for these orders afterwards. Possible sources of error are:

  • obsolete browser version
  • disabled javascript
  • some ad-blocker does prevent the systems accuracy