'Colourful radishes all year round' seed kit
'Colourful radishes all year round' seed kit #0 'Colourful radishes all year round' seed kit #1 'Colourful radishes all year round' seed kit #2 'Colourful radishes all year round' seed kit #3

'Colourful radishes all year round' seed kit

with 4 varieties of the popular snack veggies

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Radishes are the perfect vegetables to fill in gaps in your kitchen garden. It only takes about 4-6 weeks till you can harvest your own radishes and due to this short cultivation cycle you can nearly grow them all year around.

These lovely, crunchy crudité classics come in various colours and shapes and are really easy to grow even in pots and window boxes.

For this seed kit we hand selected 4 unusual radish varieties (Raphanus sativus) to bring colour to your vegetable patch:
  • Radish 'White Icicle' organic
    'White Icicle' is the most robust heirloom radish variety and resembles the appearance of icicles with its white, pointy crops.
  • Radish 'Cherry Bell' organic
    'Cherry Bell' is a crunchy, bright-red, round-shaped radish variety, which thrives well all year around.
  • Radish 'French Breakfast'
    'French Breakfast' is an old French radish variety, with highly decorative, two-tone white and red crops, which have a rather elongated shape.
  • Yellow radish 'Zlata'
    'Zlata' is an eastern European, yellow radish variety with large crops and distinctly aromatic flavour.
The seeds of each variety are packaged in a separate sachet.

Seeding & Cultivation: Previous cultivation under glass from January. Direct sowing outdoors in rows from March to the end of August possible. If you want to harvest regularly, sow every two weeks. Sowing depth: 1 cm. Distance between plants approx. 4-6 cm. Distance between rows: 10-20 cm.
'Colourful radishes all year round' seed kit
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Radish 'White Icicle' (Raphanus sativus) organic
Organic certification Our recommendation
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Radish 'Cherry Bell' (Raphanus sativus) organic
Organic certification Brand new!
Radish 'French Breakfast' (Raphanus sativus) conventional
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Golden Garden Radish 'Zlata' (Raphanus sativus)
Hot stuff
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