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'Habanero chili variety' seed kit gift box

with 5 exciting varieties of the Capsicum Chinense type

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'Habanero chili variety' seed kit gift box
Seed kit
Seed kit
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Seed gift box 
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There are many varieties that belong to the Habanero chilis. Habaneros originate from the Yucatán peninsula in Mexico and are among the hottest chilli varieties in the world. But not only the spiciness, but also the rather fruity and flowery aroma
makes the Habaneros something very special.

This set contains 5 selections of the extremely hot Habanero Chilis (Capsicum chinense). They differ considerably in colour and taste:
  • Habanero chili pepper Habanero chilli pepper is infamously hot and has a wonderful fruity, exotic aroma, which can last many years.
  • 'Habanero Mustard' The taste is identical to the classic Habanero, but optically very different. The honey to mustard-like colour of the peppers is a real eye-catcher.
  • 'Yellow Habanero' Large, yellow, sweet pepper-like peppers with a complex, well-balanced, fruity-floral aroma and of course the typical spiciness.
  • 'Habanero White' Probably the smallest Habanero variety worldwide with compact growth and many, small, cream-white fruits of excellent taste.
  • 'Chocolate Habanero' Sophisticated variety whose peppers look ripe like 'dipped in chocolate'. Probably the hottest Habanero variety and a real insider tip.
The seeds of each habanero variety are packaged in a separate sachet with approx. 10 seeds.

The seed sachets and detailed growing instructions in German and English are packed in a beautiful gift box - a great, sustainable gift for the garden. Any plant lover will be pleased.

Sowing instructions: Sowing time: Pre-culture from mid-January/end of February, because chillies have a very long ripening time in temperate climates. They need very warm temperatures of +24-28°C to germinate. We therefore recommend the use of a miniature greenhouse with a heating function.

Details: Plant description & care

Sowing & cultivation

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