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'Miscellaneous Chilli peppers' seed kit gift box 20 incredible varieties

20 incredible varieties

Articles combined in set Temporarily out of stock
'Miscellaneous Chilli peppers' seed kit gift box 20 incredible varieties
'Miscellaneous Chilli peppers' seed kit gift box 20 incredible varieties #0 'Miscellaneous Chilli peppers' seed kit gift box 20 incredible varieties #1 'Miscellaneous Chilli peppers' seed kit gift box 20 incredible varieties #2 'Miscellaneous Chilli peppers' seed kit gift box 20 incredible varieties #3 'Miscellaneous Chilli peppers' seed kit gift box 20 incredible varieties #4
Seed gift box
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Seed gift box
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Seed set
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Sowing depth:
1–2 cm
Flower colour:
Flowering period :
Good intercropping partners:
Main harvest:
Lifecycle :
Best germination temperature :
Planting distance approx.:
40 x 40 cm
Plant family:
Plant height approx.:
Bad intercropping partners:
Indoor pre-culture (seedling stage):
Water requirements:
Winter hardy up to:
Root system :
Heart type roots
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This seed kit contains the following chili peppers varieties:
  • Chili Pepper 'Chocolate Scotch Bonnet' (Capsicum chinense)
  • Chili pepper 'Gorria' (Capsicum annuum)
  • Chili Pepper 'Piri Piri' (Capsicum annuum)
  • Small South East Asian 'Thai' chilli pepper (Capsicum annuum)
  • Chili Pepper 'Fish pepper' (Capsicum annuum)
  • Chili pepper 'Chilhuacle Negro' (Capsicum annuum)
  • Red cheese pepper (Capsicum annuum)
    The 'Red cheese pepper' is also a sweet pepper variety descending from the apple pepper family. The crops carry no heat but amaze with their wonderful sweet pepper flavour instead.
  • Chili pepper 'Aji Amarillo' (Capsicum baccatum)
  • Sweet Cherry Pepper (Capsicum baccatum)
    It is an African chilli pepper variety with an intense fruity and sweet flavour. The fleshy crops often reach quite a large size and therefore lend themselves well to stuffing.
  • 'Red Savina' Habanero Pepper (Capsicum chinense)
  • Cayenne pepper (Capsicum annuum var. acuminatum)
    One of the most popular chilli varieties of medium heat.
  • Mulato chilli pepper (Capsicum annuum)
    A mild Mexican chilli pepper variety with hardly any heat but a lovely, fully developed sweetness. These chillies are very aromatic and its broad large crops take on a chocolate brown colouring once dried.
  • Habanero chili pepper (Capsicum chinense)
    Habanero chilli pepper is infamously hot and has a wonderful fruity, exotic aroma, which can last many years.
  • Jalapeño pepper (Capsicum annuum)
    Jalapeno chillies are the crowd pleasers in the chilli pepper family. The ripened crops develop an intensely full-bodied flavour and heat.
  • Purple chilli pepper 'Pimenta Da Neyde' (Capsicum chinense x annuum)
    A chilli pepper variety with crops of such deep purple colouring that they nearly appear black, whose fruity aroma reminds of habanero chilli peppers.
  • Tepin pepper (Capsicum annuum var. aviculare)
  • Hot lemon drop chilli pepper (Capsicum baccatum)
    A yellow, lemon flavoured hot chilli pepper variety.
  • Hungarian Hot Wax banana pepper (Capsicum annuum) Organic
  • Chilli Pepper Bishops Crown (Capsicum baccatum) Organic
    These chilli peppers are particularly admired because of their beautifully shaped crops.
  • Bih Bhut Naga Jolokia (Capsicum chinense)
The seeds of each variety are packaged in a separate sachet.

The seed sachets and detailed growing instructions in German and English are packed in a beautiful gift box - a great, sustainable gift for the garden. Any plant lover will be pleased.

Details: Plant description & care

Sowing & cultivation

Companion planting

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