'Purple &  black chili peppers' seed kit
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'Purple & black chili peppers' seed kit

with 5 aromatic & decorative dark varieties

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Chilli peppers exist in such great diversity that it can be rather challenging to decide on which terms to base a small selection. In this case, why not narrow down your choice by picking out the chilli varieties with the most attractive, yet
unexpected coloured crops, ranging from shades of purple to black?

This seed kit therefore contains of 5 unusual black to purple chilli pepper varieties:
  • Chilli pepper 'Arizona' (Capsicum annuum)
    A remarkably vigorous growing chilli pepper plant, which produces small, round-shaped and rather hot chillies in abundance.
  • Purple chilli pepper 'Pimenta Da Neyde' (Capsicum chinense x annuum)
    A chilli pepper variety with crops of such deep purple colouring that they nearly appear black, whose fruity aroma reminds of habanero chilli pepper.
  • Purple chilli pepper 'Habanero Purple Peach' (Capsicum chinense)
    An attractive, medium hot habanero pepper variety, whose crops stand out for their unusual appearance, grading from light-yellow to dark-purple.
  • Purple chilli pepper 'Peruvian Purple' (Capsicum frutescens)
    A beautiful, medium- hot chilli pepper variety, whose flowers, leaves and crops appear touched by purple.
  • Purple chilli pepper 'Purple Tiger' (Capsicum annuum)
    This chilli pepper variety produces plenty of small, nearly black, mild tasting crops, whose colouring turns red when reaching maturity. The plant usually remains rather small in dimension but impresses with its interesting looking, variegated leaves.
Each seed kit includes a pack of approx. 10 seeds per variety.

Seed sowing instructions: Chilis need very warm temperatures of +24-28°C to germinate. We therefore recommend the use of a mini greenhouse with a heating function.
'Purple & black chili peppers' seed kit
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Chili pepper 'Purple Tiger' (Capsicum annuum)
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Chili pepper 'Purple Habanero Peach' (Capsicum chinense)
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Purple Pepper 'Pimenta Da Neyde' (Capsicum chinense x annuum)
{"list_position":2,"systype":"article","name":"Purple Pepper 'Pimenta Da Neyde' (Capsicum chinense x annuum)","id":"1229","list_name":"setlist"}
Chili pepper 'Peruvian Purple' (Capsicum frutescens)
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Arizona Chili Pepper (Capsicum annuum)
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