'The 3 Sisters - Organic', seed kit
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'The 3 Sisters - Organic', seed kit

with sweet corn, pole beans & Hokkaido squash seeds for growing your own traditional milpa cultivation

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Sweet corn, runner beans and butternut squash are ideal planting companions and together form a most famous mixed crop growing system. Structurally, sweet corn plants provide runner beans with supportive poles for 'climbing', which in turn release
nitrogen into the soil, fertilizing the nutrient demanding sweet corn plants. The large leaves of the butternut squash shed a lot of shade, helping to keep moisture and CO2 in the ground, which is a combination that again acts as natural fertilizer.

This principle of growing especially selected species together to benefit each other in a mixed cultivation is very old, possibly deriving from the knowledge of the Mayas. This particular traditional combination has been nicknamed 'the three sisters'. In its original form, the plants are positioned on a flat-topped mound, which is also referred to as 'milpa'.

This seed kit includes the 3 famous vegetable varieties, which complement each other perfectly and are ideal for companion planting:
  • 'Golden Bantam' maize/ sweet corn organic (Zea mays)
    'Golden bantam' is an old, yellow, heirloom sweet corn variety with an exquisite flavour.
  • Hokkaido squash 'Red Kuri' organic (Cucurbita maxima)
    'Red Kuri' is one of the most suitable pumpkin/ squash varieties to prepare a delicious pumpkin soup. Despite their firm skin, these pumpkins need not be peeled and have a lovely nutty aroma.
  • Pole bean/ runner bean 'Borlotto Lingua Di Fuoco' organic (Phaseolus vulgaris)
    The 'Borlotto Lingua Di Fuoco' is an exceedingly decorative string bean variety.
The seeds of each variety are packaged in a separate sachet.

Intercropping or companion planting is the implementation of a sensible crop balance in your vegetable patch, just as nature demonstrates it. Although the competition between plants is usually intense, as every plant strives to get the most light, water and nutrient conditions, there are always so-called companion plants. This term refers to plant species that can live well side by side because they do not interfere with each other but very often actually support and strengthen each other. Those companions are sure to create a good and balanced neighbourhood in your vegetable patch.

We have developed a series of intercropping and companion planting seed sets. Each set contains 3 to 6 plant varieties, which are very well suited for cultivation as companion species. In most cases, these are vegetables and herbs. It is possible to alternate the companion plants in rows, within a row or also in mixed variety as it happens with square-foot gardening.
The immediate neighbouring plants should complement each other and not attack each other's basis of life. Ideally you will find neighbours such as carrot and salad (deep roots and shallow roots) or cabbage and peas (heavy and feeble demand in nutrients) or maize and pumpkin (sun- and shade-loving plants).

You will receive lovingly produced seeds from certified European organic farms. Of course, MagicGardenSeeds GmbH is also certified and regularly inspected by the control body: DE-ÖKO-001 with the controll number: DE-BY-001-24633-BD.

'The 3 Sisters - Organic', seed kit
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Pole Bean 'Borlotto Lingua Di Fuoco' (Phaseolus vulgaris) organic
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Golden Bantam maize (Zea mays) organic
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Hokkaido Squash 'Red Kuri' (Cucurbita maxima) organic
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