'Vitamin-rich lettuce varieties' seed kit gift box

'Vitamin-rich lettuce varieties' seed kit gift box

with 4 classic varieties for your own fresh, crunchy lettuce until autumn

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Seed gift box 
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The term 'lettuce' or 'salad' is used for many crops and often only describes the way of preparation, as salad is in most cases raw and uncooked, prepared and eaten cold. It often refers to all leafy vegetables which can be eaten raw. Salad should
be harvested as fresh as possible so that it still has the full spectrum of all healthy ingredients - in addition, leaf vegetables are very easy to cultivate and many species thrive even in balcony boxes or pots.

This seed kit contains 4 old lettuce plant varieties:
  • Common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)
    The cultivated form of the dandelion is an all-rounder: leaves, flowers and roots can be used in the kitchen.
  • Lamb's lettuce, corn salad 'Dark Green Full Heart' (Valerianella locusta)
    Very unpretentious lettuce variety for autumn / winter with a great nutty taste. Vitamins in the cold season.
  • Cocarde Lettuce 'Salad Bowl' (Lactuca sativa)
    'Salad Bowl' is a beautiful, re-growing oak leaf lettuce variety with a long lasting harvesting period.
  • Lettuce "Neckar Giant" (Lactuca sativa)
    Robust, large-headed variety for cultivation in early summer.
The seeds of each lettuce variety are packaged in a separate sachet.

The seed sachets and detailed growing instructions in German and English are packed in a beautiful gift box - a great, sustainable gift for the garden. Any plant lover will be pleased.
'Vitamin-rich lettuce varieties' seed kit gift box
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