Cigarette Tobacco - Seed kit
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Cigarette Tobacco - Seed kit

with 3 tobacco plant varieties to create your own cigarette tobacco blends

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It may come as a surprise that it is possible to cultivate tobacco plants in our cooler Central European climates - usually as annual plants though and to create your very own smoking tobacco blends. In addition to that, tobacco plants are highly
decorative and an eye catcher in any garden, with quite unusual looking flower heads and impressive growth.

For this seed kit we hand selected 3 tobacco plant varieties (Nicotiana tabacum), which are well suited for creating your own cigarette tobacco blends:
  • Virginia tobacco Virginia tobacco has a high sugar content and is often used for light coloured tobacco blends.
  • Burley tobacco 'Bursanica' Burley tobacco is a popular cigar tobacco variety, which is also often used for cigarette tobacco blends.
  • Perique tobacco 'Perique' is a rare, very aromatic red burley tobacco variety from Louisiana, with a powerfully intense and slightly charred tasting flavour.
The seeds of each tobacco variety are packaged in a separate sachet.

Sowing instruction: Pre-culture from February. Sprinkle seeds only on substrate and press lightly, do not cover with soil. Germination at approx. 20°C. Temper and plant in May. Planting distance 40 cm in the row and 40-60 cm between rows.
Regular hoeing, piling up, regular fertilizing and above all a good water supply let the tobacco plants thrive wonderfully.
As beautiful as the tobacco blossoms are, they should soon be removed (so-called beheading) if you really want to process the tobacco leaves. First of all, more leaves are formed and these become much larger. Above all, however, the nicotine content in the leaves remains higher.
Cigarette Tobacco - Seed kit
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