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with 8 plant varieties in mixed cultivation

Organic certification Brand new!
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Green Manure For The Raised Bed (Organic) - Seed kit gift box
Organic certification Brand new!
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Seed kit: Light Feeder Vegetables
Organic certification Brand new!
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Seed kit: Medium Feeder Vegetables
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Organic certification Brand new!
Beginners' Vegetables (Gift Set)
Organic certification Brand new!
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Seed kit gift box: Green Manure
Organic certification Brand new!
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Seed kit gift box: Light Feeder Vegetables
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Seed kit gift box: Medium Feeder Vegetables
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Heavy Feeder Vegetables (Seed kit gift box)
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Beginners' Vegetables (Seed kit)
Organic certification Brand new! Temporarily out of stock
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The soil is the most important good for the gardener. In it, the plants grow, root, and, from it, they receive all necessary nutrients for growing and prospering. It is crucial to care for the soil and keep it healthy.

A good method to support this is the growth of vegetables in intercropping and an annual crop rotation. The vegetable varieties on a bed are changed in a four-year cycle, sorted by the nutrient requirements and/ or specific plant families to prevent the leaching of the soil and the settling of pests like harmful viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Therefore, it is important to know which nutrient requirements a plant has and to which plant family it belongs. As a result, all crop plants are divided into four categories: Hard feeders, moderate feeders, light feeders, and green manure.

Based on these growing principles, we composed the most diverse seed sets for your raised bed. From vegetable seed sets for beginners sorted by the plant's nutrient requirements to the complete set for all who farm several raised beds and want to cultivate them after the principle of the crop rotation.

Of course, all sets work for the vegetable garden, as well.

The seed packets and detailed sowing instruction in German and English are packed in beautiful gift wrapping - a great, sustainable present for the garden. Every plant lover will be pleased with it.

You'll receive lovingly produces seeds from certified, European, organic enterprises. Of course, MagicGardenSeeds is also certified and regularly proved by the control authority: DE-ÖKO-037.
Vegetable Varieties for the Raised Bed (Organic) - Various Seed Kit Gift Boxes
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