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Seed gift box: 'Edible flowers - organic'

4 aromatic and beautiful herb varieties

Organic certification Articles combined in set
Seed gift box: 'Edible flowers - organic'
Seed gift box: 'Edible flowers - organic' #0 Seed gift box: 'Edible flowers - organic' #1 Seed gift box: 'Edible flowers - organic' #2 Seed gift box: 'Edible flowers - organic' #3 Seed gift box: 'Edible flowers - organic' #4 Seed gift box: 'Edible flowers - organic' #5 Seed gift box: 'Edible flowers - organic' #6
Seed gift box
Organic certification
Seed gift box
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Seed kit
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magic garden seeds


Beautiful, fragrant flowers are rarely used in the kitchen, even though they usually have a very fine and more gentle aroma than the rest of the plant and can very well be used as spices. Added to this the beauty factor, which is why flowers are
used as decoration rather than as a fully-fledged ingredient.

The 'edible flowers' set contains organic flower seeds for plants that can be used in many different ways as a side dish in salads, soups, desserts and of course drinks such as cocktails or a simple herbal tea:
  • Borage (Borago officinalis)
    The leaves and flowers are freshly used a typical spice for cucumber salad, curd cheese and cream cheese preparations as well as an integral part of the 'Frankfurt Green Sauce'.
  • Lemon marigold (Tagetes tenuifolia)
    Both the flowers and the fern-like fine leaves have a fine citrus aroma, which ennobles salads and especially desserts.
  • Nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus)
    This annual climbing plant produces a sea of large, yellow and orange flowers. Their taste is surprisingly spicy and cress like.
  • Marigold(Calendula officinalis)
    Uncomplicated, colourful medicinal plant that has an anti-inflammatory effect and promotes wound healing. In addition, however, it has many other outstanding qualities.
The seeds of each variety are packaged in a separate sachet.

You will receive lovingly produced seeds from certified European organic farms. Of course, MagicGardenSeeds GmbH is also certified and regularly inspected by the control body: DE-ÖKO-001 with the controll number: DE-BY-001-24633-BD.

The seed sachets and detailed growing instructions in German and English are packed in a beautiful gift box - a great, sustainable gift for the garden. Any plant lover will be pleased.

Details: Plant description & care

Sowing & cultivation

Companion planting

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