Seed kit: 'Alpine plant seeds'
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Seed kit: 'Alpine plant seeds'

4 rockery plant varieties which thrive in extreme mountain climates

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Seed kit: 'Alpine plant seeds'
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Most alpine plants are well suited for cultivation in a rockery, as they are extremely resilient and even thrive in barren landscapes and extreme weather conditions. They often have to survive in tight crevices without any nutrients and soil,
constantly exposed to the harsh climatic conditions common in alpine environments.
We only sub-divide alpine plant varieties into two groups: plants, which have adapted well to calcareous environments and the alpines, which do not grow well in calcareous conditions. It is particularly the chalk loving alpine plants, which do well in our home rockeries.
This seed set contains 4 mountain plants for the rock garden:
  • Aconite/ wolfsbane/ monk's-hood (Aconitum napellus)
    Aconite is a beautiful traditional, medicinal plant, with lovely blue to purple flowers. However all its parts are also highly toxic and care and consideration needs to be taken when choosing a position in your garden.
  • Tibetan gentian (Gentiana tibetica)
    Tibetan gentian is a small, resilient gentian plant variety, with white flowers, originating from the Himalayas and it is also an old medicinal plant.
  • Chamisso arnica (Arnica chamissonis ssp.foliosa)
    Chamisso arnica, also nicknamed 'American arnica', is a robust rockery plant classic, with similar medicinal properties as the 'true' arnica montana.
  • German garlic/ broadleaf chives (Allium senescens)
    This wild onion variety has a unique garlicky scent and a slightly sweet and peppery aroma. It is often found in mountain meadows and both, bulb and leaves are edible.
The seeds of each variety are packaged in a separate sachet.
Details: Plant description & care
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Seed kit: 'Alpine plant seeds'
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Tibetan gentian (Gentiana tibetica)
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American chamisso arnica (Arnica chamissonis ssp. foliosa)
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German garlic (Allium senescens)
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Aconite (Aconitum napellus)
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