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Seed kit: 'Harissa'

4 aromatic and spicy plants for preparing the well-known African herb selection

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Seed kit: 'Harissa'
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'Harissa' is a hot spice paste made from hot chillies, garlic and a selection of herbs, which may vary slightly from region to region. All ingredients are usually ground with some added oil into a smooth paste, ready to be used in your favourite
Harissa paste is an essential ingredient in Moroccan and Tunisian cooking and in general a common seasoning for dishes from Northern Africa. The paste can be added to most recipes and some even use it by itself as bread spread.
For this seed kit we hand selected 4 spicy to hot 'Harissa' plants, for you to create your own take on this popular African spice mix:
  • African Fatalii Chilli Pepper (Capsicum chinense)
    African fatalii chilli peppers are extremely hot, rating similarly on the Scoville scale as habanero chilli peppers. The beautiful bright yellow peppers have a slightly wrinkly surface texture and develop a unique lemony scent.
  • Caraway (Carum carvi)
    Caraway is a very versatile herbal plant, as all parts can be used: leaves, seeds and roots to infuse your food with delicious flavour and it has medicinal properties too and can be consumed as tea to support the digestive system.
  • Oregano (Origanum vulgare)
    Oregano is one of the classic Italian kitchen herbs and its leaves are essential for seasoning pizza and plenty other iconic Mediterranean dishes. It is also an important plant for bees and insects, which feed off its nectar.
  • Cumin (Cuminum cyminum)
    Cumin has a wonderful aroma and is an essential ingredient for the spice mix garam masala.
The seeds of each variety are packaged in a separate sachet.

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Oregano (Origanum vulgare) conventional
1Oregano (Origanum vulgare) conventional
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Cumin (Cuminum cyminum)
1Cumin (Cuminum cyminum)
1.82 € *
{"list_position":1,"systype":"article","name":"Cumin (Cuminum cyminum)","id":"CUM01","list_name":"setlist"}
Yellow African Fatalii Chilli Pepper (Capsicum chinense)
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1Yellow African Fatalii Chilli Pepper (Capsicum chinense)
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{"list_position":2,"systype":"article","name":"Yellow African Fatalii Chilli Pepper (Capsicum chinense)","id":"1226","list_name":"setlist"}
Caraway (Carum carvi)
1Caraway (Carum carvi)
1.87 € *
{"list_position":3,"systype":"article","name":"Caraway (Carum carvi)","id":"1025","list_name":"setlist"}


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