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Seed kit: "Arabica & Robusta Coffee"

the 2 most important coffee varieties

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Seed kit: "Arabica & Robusta Coffee"
Seed kit: "Arabica & Robusta Coffee" #0 Seed kit: "Arabica & Robusta Coffee" #1 Seed kit: "Arabica & Robusta Coffee" #2 Seed kit: "Arabica & Robusta Coffee" #3 Seed kit: "Arabica & Robusta Coffee" #4 Seed kit: "Arabica & Robusta Coffee" #5
Seed kit
Seed kit
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Although the cultivation of coffee as a crop in temperate climates is not possible in an economically and ecologically sound way, a cultivation experiment in your house or greenhouse can still be very exciting. Coffee is a deep-rooting plant, so you
should definitely use high flower pots.

This seed kit contains the two most important coffee varieties:
  • Mountain Coffee (Coffea arabica)
    Arabica coffee is one of the most famous and worldwide distributed coffee varieties, known for its exclusive quality and exquisite taste. Therefore, when consuming an outstanding cup of coffee, it may not come as a surprise that a roast of 100% Arabica beans might have been used to extract it
  • Robusta Coffee (Coffea canephora)
    Robusta coffee is probably, along with Arabica coffee, the other most commonly referred to coffee varieties. True to its name, Robusta coffee plants are indeed more robust and resilient, than other coffee plant species. Its taste is slightly more bitter and less aromatic but instead more intense, which explains its popularity among espresso lovers.
The seeds of each variety are packaged in a separate sachet with 10 seeds.

Growing instructions: Tropical plant for greenhouse or indoor growing. Sow seeds in moist and warm (27 °C / 80 F) slight acid soil. Cover seed with a layer of soil equal to the diameter of the seed.

Details: Plant description & care

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Robusta Coffee (Coffea canephora)
1Robusta Coffee (Coffea canephora)
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Mountain Coffee (Coffea arabica)
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1Mountain Coffee (Coffea arabica)
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