Wild Chilli Varieties - Seed kit
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Wild Chilli Varieties - Seed kit

with 2 original chili pepper varieties, the ancestors of Habanero and other famous cultivars

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Seed kit
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There are still many wild-growing ancient forms of chili peppers which are the ancestors or the numerous cultivated varieties known today. As a general rule they are plants with very small fruits. The best known among them is certainly the Tepin
chilli, the wild form of the Capsicum annuum varieties from Mexico, where these chillies are still collected in the wild, dried and marketed.

Since it is very laborious to harvest the small pods, one can spend a lot of money for these ancient, primal chlli peppers in ripe condition.
This seed kit contains 2 wild chilli pepper varieties:
  • Wild chili 'Chacoense' (Capsicum chacoense)
    In South America, they can be found growing in the wild, with very many approximately 1 cm big red, sharp pods.
  • Tepin, Chiltepin (Capsicum annuum var. aviculare)
    Famous ancient wild chili variety also known as bird's eye chili. This chili is difficult to collect and extremely expensive as a ready-to-use spice.
One seed bag per chili variety with at least 10 seeds.

Sowing instructions: Sowing time: Pre-culture from mid-January/end of February, because chillies have a very long ripening time in temperate climates. They need very warm temperatures of +24-28°C to germinate. We therefore recommend the use of a miniature greenhouse with a heating function.
Wild Chilli Varieties - Seed kit
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