Dwarf Bush Basil (Ocimum basilicum v. minimum) organic - bulk quantity (5 g)
Dwarf Bush Basil (Ocimum basilicum v. minimum) organic - bulk quantity (5 g) #0

Dwarf Bush Basil (Ocimum basilicum v. minimum) organic - bulk quantity (5 g)

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Sowing & cultivation
Best germination temperature :
20 – 24 °C
Germination time in days:
5 – 14
Planting distance:
10 cm
Bad intercropping partners:
Summer savorymelissesalbeithymian
Good intercropping partners:
  • Seedtime: From January, you can sow in the hotbed and from March outdoors
  • Sowing depth: 1-2.5cm
  • Ideal germination temperature: From +3°C
  • Germination duration: Carrots take very long, 21-27 days on average. That's why it's recommended to mix the seeds with either radish seeds or with dill seeds. Both germinates clearly faster and, thereby, marks the row so that the care of the seeds is made easier. By harvesting the radish, which is ripe earlier, the rows are automatically pruned. The dill should also be harvested when it has reached a height of approx. 25cm.
  • Row spacing: 30-45cm
  • Planting distance: 3-5cm
  • Location: Sunny
  • Soil: Sandy-loamy, deep, loose, and stone-free soil. The variety prospers very well in loamy soils.
  • Care: Carrots are moderate feeders and don't tolerate fresh dung. Only use ripe compost for fertilizing. Carrots like to be kept moist during the germination period and often need supplementary irrigation on sandy soils during the hot summer months. The clearing of weeds is crucial while the plant is young as the tender plantlets are overrun with weeds fast. For good results, the soil should be loosened regularly. Especially after strong rain when it tends to clog.
  • Harvest: Mostly from May to July. There's no clear sign of maturity.
  • Family: Umbellifers (Apiaceae)

How to grow carrots from seed
Other names
Botanical name:
ocimum basilicum v. minimum
Item number
Magic Garden Seeds
Seed quantity:
2,700 Pcs.


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