Golden Marigold 'Yellow' (Tagetes tenuifolia) organic
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Golden Marigold 'Yellow' (Tagetes tenuifolia) organic

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The Golden Marigold 'Yellow' is a very lushly blooming, annual decorative and spice plant. As it is very frost-sensitive, it should be grown indoors first and planted outside after the Ice Saints. From May, you are rewarded by a sea of bright yellow
blossoms, which brings joy until the frost.
As the name already indicates, the marigold is not only a decorative plant but also a spice plant. The blossoms, as well as the ferny, fine leaves, have a citrus flavour that refines salads and especially desserts. The blossoms are very popular as edible decoration and also for cocktails or punch.
Furthermore, the yellow, scented blossoms are a paradise for the world of insects.

Because Golden Marigold is the absolute favorite food of many slugs, you can plant them between the beds so that slugs pounce on them, leaving the other plants in the bed alone. Works really well!

Tagetes Tenuifolia seeds, content: Approx. 100 Golden Marigold 'Yellow' seeds
Details: Plant description & care
Plant family:
Plant height approx.:
20 – 70 cm
Flowering time:
Flower colour:
Lifecycle :
Partially shadyfull sun
Sowing & cultivation
Indoor pre-culture (seedling stage):
Sowing time outdoors:
Sowing depth:
0.5 cm
Best germination temperature :
18 °C
Germination time in days:
14 – 21
Planting distance:
30 cm
Main harvest:
Good intercropping partners:
Perennial, non-hardy shrub. Sowing: Preculture indoors. Marigold belongs to the light germinators. Cast the seeds onto the prepared growing substrate only, press them on slightly, and put them at a warm, bright place. Often, the seeds germinate somewhat hesitantly and don‘t tolerate wetness. As soon as the first pair of leaves is developed, the plants should be pricked. Always put 5 seedlings in clusters together into one pot. After the last freezes mid-May, the seedlings can move outdoors. Marigold prefers sunny to half-shady locations. It is advisable to put this plant into pots or bowls as it is one of the most popular favourite dishes of snails.
Other names
Botanical name:
tagetes tenuifolia
German names:
gewürztagetesschmalblättrige studentenblume
English names:
golden marigoldsignet marigold
Item number
Magic Garden Seeds
Seed quantity:
100 Pcs.


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