Our Favourite Plants: Annuals & Perennials for Flower Lovers (Organic) – Seed Kit

Our Favourite Plants: Annuals & Perennials for Flower Lovers (Organic) – Seed Kit

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A selection of perennials and annual summer flowers for growing in a garden or in tubs. In either case you're sure of an amazing floral display all through the summer. All these varieties are also suitable for using as cut flowers in the home.

All the flower varieties here help to promote biodiversity, and provide good sources of nectar, pollen and food for beneficial insects including bees, bumblebees and butterflies.

Grow your own magic with these organic seed varieties:
  • French Hollyhock / Tree Mallow (Organic) (Malva sylvestris ssp. Mauritiana)
    A cultivated variety of the wild mallow with gorgeous flowers - a vibrant deep pink against a dark purple ground.
  • Lavender (Organic) (Lavandula angustifolia)
    Low-level flowering shrub from the Mediterranean region with wonderfully fragrant purple flowers. Loved by people and bees alike.
  • Dahlia 'Bishop's Children' (Organic) (Dahlia variabilis)
    A beautiful Mexican variety that flowers in many shades of red forming large single blooms.
  • Argentinian Vervain / Purpletop (Organic) (Verbena bonariensis)
    Tall, slender-stemmed South American herbaceous perennial. Its delicate purple flowerheads often float above all the other blooms in the flowerbed.
  • Pink Spiny Spiderflower (Organic) (Cleome spinosa)
    A beautiful, tall-growing annual from South America that has become common in central European domestic gardens. Its stunning, filigree pink blooms float very decoratively above smaller flowering plants in the flowerbed.
  • Annual Clary Sage (Organic) (Salvia viridis)
    A highly decorative kind of sage, originally from the Mediterranean region, that works beautifully as a gap-filler in a bed of perennials. Insects love it.
One seed packet per plant variety.
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Our Favourite Plants: Annuals & Perennials for Flower Lovers (Organic) – Seed Kit
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