Heirloom Chili Pepper Seeds

Allegedly, chili peppers have been used as a condiment and spice for over 8000 years by the inhabitants of Latin America. At first wild chilies ( which still occur today and go by the name of "Tepin Chili") were collected, later the seeds of the plants were cultivated and an incredible range of varieties developed.

This rich breeding history is reflected not only in different variety names, but also different names for the processed form of chilies, depending on pungency, origin or use: pepperoni, paprika, chili, chili pepper, pimiento, cayenne pepper, paprika powder, aleppo pepper (pul biber), isot, harissa, merkén, sambal oelek, tabasco - and many more. Unlike most spices from tropical countries, chile peppers can be grown even in Central Europe. In addition, chilies are very decorative houseplants.