Heirloom Vegetable Seeds

Heirloom vegetable seeds are seeds that are handed from one generation to the next - sometimes for more than hundred years. If you grow heirloom vegetables in your garden, you can harvest your own seeds.
with seeds for 6 very unusual, delicious varieties
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{"list_position":200,"systype":"article","name":"Tasty Tubers & Forgotten Root Vegetables – Seed Kit","id":"MA-00209","list_name":"tree-113"}
with 6 delicious vegetable varieties for eating on the move
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{"list_position":201,"systype":"article","name":"Snacking Vegetables (Organic) – Seed Kit","id":"MA-00208","list_name":"tree-113"}
Fast-Growing Indoor Vegetables (Organic) – Seed Kit
Organic certification
{"list_position":202,"systype":"article","name":"Fast-Growing Indoor Vegetables (Organic) – Seed Kit","id":"MA-00205","list_name":"tree-113"}
Bunny Vegetable for Human & Animal (Organic) - Seed Set
Organic certification
{"list_position":203,"systype":"article","name":"Seed set","id":"MA-00204","list_name":"tree-113"}
with Organic Seeds for 7 Vegetable Varieties that Succeed with Everyone
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{"list_position":204,"systype":"article","name":"Seed set","id":"MA-00203","list_name":"tree-113"}
The Beer Garden Set (Organic) - Seed kit
Organic certification
{"list_position":205,"systype":"article","name":"Seed kit","id":"MA-00198","list_name":"tree-113"}
Beginners' Vegetables for the Raised Bed (Organic) - Seed set
Organic certification
{"list_position":206,"systype":"article","name":"Beginners' Vegetables for the Raised Bed (Organic) - Seed set","id":"MA-00195","list_name":"tree-113"}
Natural Dye Plants (Organic) - seed kit
Organic certification Brand new!
{"list_position":207,"systype":"article","name":"Natural Dye Plants (Organic) - seed kit","id":"MA-00183","list_name":"tree-113"}
with 3 vegetable varieties for sowing at the beginning of the year
Organic certification Brand new!
{"list_position":208,"systype":"article","name":"Early Birds Vegetables (Organic) - Seed kit","id":"MA-00174","list_name":"tree-113"}
Winter Vegetable Plants (Organic) - Seed kit
Organic certification
{"list_position":209,"systype":"article","name":"Winter Vegetable Plants (Organic) - Seed kit","id":"MA-00173","list_name":"tree-113"}
Old Italian Vegetables  (Organic) - Seed kit
Organic certification
{"list_position":210,"systype":"article","name":"Old Italian Vegetables (Organic) - Seed kit","id":"MA-00172","list_name":"tree-113"}
with Tomato, Paprika & Aubergine for Balcony & Garden
Organic certification Brand new!
{"list_position":211,"systype":"article","name":"Aromatic Sun Adorers (Organic) - Seed kit","id":"MA-00171","list_name":"tree-113"}
- magnificent late storage carrot
Organic certification Brand new!
{"list_position":212,"systype":"article","name":"Carrot 'Giants of Colmar' (Daucus carota) organic","id":"DAU12-BIO","list_name":"tree-113"}
Sweet Pepper 'Topepo Rosso' (Capsicum annuum) - bulk quantity (1 g)
{"list_position":213,"systype":"article","name":"Bulk quantity: 1 g - conventional","id":"CAP26-GM1","list_name":"tree-113"}
Vegetable seeds - 12 open pollinated varieties -  easy & high-yielding - Beginner seed kit
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{"list_position":214,"systype":"article","name":"Vegetable seeds - 12 open pollinated varieties - easy & high-yielding - Beginner seed kit","id":"CAC-02","list_name":"tree-113"}
Vegetable seeds - 12 open pollinated varieties - heirloom & delicious - Beginner seed kit
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{"list_position":215,"systype":"article","name":"Vegetable seeds - heirloom & delicious","id":"CAC-01","list_name":"tree-113"}
Fodder Beet 'Brigadier' (Beta vulgaris)
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Rich in Vitamin C
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{"list_position":217,"systype":"article","name":"Packet - conventional","id":"BAR02","list_name":"tree-113"}
with seeds for 6 exciting plants out of the world of the vegetables and lovingly designed supplementary material
{"list_position":218,"systype":"article","name":"Mud Monsters & Witchweed - Seed Gift Set for Children","id":"AS-KIND","list_name":"tree-113"}
Apple Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) - bulk quantity (2 g)
{"list_position":219,"systype":"article","name":"Bulk quantity: 2 g - conventional","id":"1134-GM2","list_name":"tree-113"}

Heirloom vegetables impress with many characteristics. They are often very undemanding and resistant, they bring amazing variety and taste into the kitchen and are rich in health-promoting ingredients. Often these species are still much closer to the actual wild plant, which is why they are usually more resistant and aromatic, but also produce less yield than modern cultivars. In fact, a lot of old vegetable varieties have disappeared from our modern diets because they can not be economically effective grown in market gardening. Luckily there's a significant movement of more and more people cultivating vegetables themselves and setting out to search for these lost delicacies.