Root Chervil (Chaerophyllum bulbosum)
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Root Chervil (Chaerophyllum bulbosum)

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Root Chervil is an umbelliferous plant and develops into a 2m high, pleasantly smelling plant over the years. It's a very old crop that has mainly been cultivated for its starchy roots.
The young leaves are also very tasty as an addition to a salad.

Root chervil (Chaerophyllum Bulbosum) is real slow food: It surely takes a minimum of ten months from the sowing to the finished dish and there are some hurdles to overcome. However, gourmets agree on the fact that the effort pays off.

Root chervil is also known as bulbous chervil, parsnip chervil, tuberous-rooted chervil, turnip-root chervil, and turnip-rooted chervil. The edible tubers are white on the inside and ocher on the outside and reach a length of about 5-8 cm and a thickness of 3-4 cm. They are eaten raw or cooked and have a very subtle taste of potatoes and chestnuts with the slightly pungent taste of celery and parsnip.

Growing this delicacy is not easy. Root chervil needs frost to germinate and should be sown in the autumn of the previous year.

Content: Approx. 200 Root Chervil seeds
Details: Plant description & care
Plant family:
Plant height approx.:
1 – 2 m
Flowering time:
Flower colour:
Root system :
Lifecycle :
full sun
Sowing & cultivation
Indoor pre-culture (seedling stage):
Sowing time outdoors:
Sowing depth:
1 cm
Best germination temperature :
5 – 10 °C
Germination time in days:
Planting distance:
25 x 10 cm
Main harvest:
  • Sowing period: As the seeds belong to the frost germinators, the best sowing period is from September to December. Very early sowing in cold spring is also possible but brings many more losses.
  • Sowing depth: Similar to carrots: It's best to mix the seeds with fine sand and sow them thinly in rows with a sowing depth of approx. 2cm
  • Ideal germination temperature: +5-10°C after a stratification.
  • Germination duration: The germination only takes place in spring and is irregular
  • Row spacing: 20-25cm
  • Planting distance: 4-6cm
  • Location: Fresh and moist places in half-shade are strongly preferred.
  • Soil: Moist, deep, permeable soils with rich sand and humus part
  • Care: Root chervil is very weak in competition as a seedling. Regular hoeing protects from weed and promotes regular ground humidity, which the root chervil prefers. Apart from that, it belongs to the light feeders. Therefore, only fertilize with compost.
    Important: Root chervil is an umbellifer. These should only be grown on the same spot every four years to keep the ground healthy.
  • Harvest: When the foliage yellow in June/July, it can be harvested. However, the turnips only develop the best flavour when they are wrapped up in moist sand at cool temperatures and stored for another 6-8 weeks. When there's no danger of voles, the bulbs can also remain in the soil until autumn and then be directly harvested.
  • Family: Umbellifers (Apiaceae)

Detailled sowing instruction for root vegetables like bulbous chervil, parsnips or carrots
Other names
Botanical name:
c. neglectumchaerophyllum bulbosum
German names:
kerbelrübeknollenkerbelknolliger kälberkropfrüben–kälberkropfrübenkerbel
Item number
Magic Garden Seeds
botanical names:
c. neglectumchaerophyllum bulbosum
botanische namen:
c. neglectumchaerophyllum bulbosum
duitse namen:
kerbelrübeknollenkerbelknolliger kälberkropfrüben–kälberkropfrübenkerbel
german names:
kerbelrübeknollenkerbelknolliger kälberkropfrüben–kälberkropfrübenkerbel
nombres alemanes:
kerbelrübeknollenkerbelknolliger kälberkropfrüben–kälberkropfrübenkerbel
nombres botánicos:
c. neglectumchaerophyllum bulbosum
nomi botanici:
c. neglectumchaerophyllum bulbosum
nomi tedeschi:
kerbelrübeknollenkerbelknolliger kälberkropfrüben–kälberkropfrübenkerbel
noms allemands:
kerbelrübeknollenkerbelknolliger kälberkropfrüben–kälberkropfrübenkerbel
noms botaniques:
c. neglectumchaerophyllum bulbosum
Seed quantity:
200 Pcs.


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