American chamisso arnica (Arnica chamissonis ssp. foliosa)
American chamisso arnica (Arnica chamissonis ssp. foliosa) #0 American chamisso arnica (Arnica chamissonis ssp. foliosa) #1

American chamisso arnica (Arnica chamissonis ssp. foliosa)

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Arnica is one of the best natural remedies for injuries and many other ailments. It is exclusively recommended for external use, except as a homeopathic option. This species, the American chamisso arnica (Arnica chamissonis ssp. foliosa) is
relatively easy to cultivate and can thrive on calcareous soils, unlike the domestic European mountain arnica (Arnica montana).

A great rock garden plant that spreads over time through offshoots, forming beautiful carpets. Good in combination with Sedum species. In addition, the flowers provide an excellent pasture for bees and butterflies.

100 American chamisso arnica seeds
Details: Plant description & care
Plant family:
Plant height approx.:
30 – 70 cm
Flowering time:
Flower colour:
Root system :
Lifecycle :
Partially shady
Sowing & cultivation
Planting distance:
40 – 60 cm
Arnica is a perennial shrub with very tiny seeds which should be mixed with finest sand for an even sowing. Do not cover, only press them in gently, as they need light to germinate. Sow early spring indoors. Pot up the seedlings into individual pots as soon as the first true leaf appears and plant them out after the last expected frosts.
Other names
Botanical name:
arnica chamissonis ssp. foliosa
German names:
alaska–wohlverleihamerikanische arnikawiesenarnika
English names:
chamisso arnica
French names:
arnica américaine
Spanish names:
árnica americana
Italian names:
arnica americana
Item number
Seed quantity:
100 Pcs.

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