Ma Huang (Ephedra sinica)
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Ma Huang (Ephedra sinica)

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Ephedra sinica is a herb which has been used in China as very important medicinal plant in Traditional Chinese medicine for over 5000 years, mostly as a medicament for sinusitis, flu and asthma. It is also known as Ma Huang, and "Mormon tea". The Ma
Huang plant grows into an impressive shrub and belongs to the gymnosperms, which is why its flowers are of rather plain form. Chinese Ephedra is dioecious. For fertilization purposes and obtaining seed, a male and female plant each are required.
Ma Huang is a hardy plant, resistant to heat and drought.

Due to import restrictions we are unable to ship Ephedra sinica seeds to Australia!
30 Ephedra Seeds
Details: Plant description & care
Plant family:
Plant height approx.:
60 cm
Flowering time:
Flower colour:
Lifecycle :
full sun
Sowing & cultivation
Best germination temperature :
18 – 20 °C
Planting distance:
20 cm
Main harvest:
This Ephedra species grows in dry locations at higher altitudes in northern China. Mineral cactus soil is especially suitable for sowing. Ma Huang prefers sunny and sandy locations, e.g. in a rock garden.
Sow seeds indoors in sandy soil. Do not cover the small seeds, but press gentle into the earth. Keep seeds in constant moisture with temperatures of about 20 °C (68 °F). Although Ephedra sinica seeds germinate well, the seedlings require a lot of attention and are very sensitive to waterlogging! Established plants are drought resistant and hardy. Occasional pruning encourages growth.
Other names
Botanical name:
ephedra sinica
German names:
English names:
chinese ephedra
French names:
mahuangéphédra chinois
Item number
Seed quantity:
30 Pcs.

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