Sunflower 'Mittelgroßblumige Gelbe' (Helianthus annuus) organic
Sunflower 'Mittelgroßblumige Gelbe' (Helianthus annuus) organic #0 Sunflower 'Mittelgroßblumige Gelbe' (Helianthus annuus) organic #1 Sunflower 'Mittelgroßblumige Gelbe' (Helianthus annuus) organic #2 Sunflower 'Mittelgroßblumige Gelbe' (Helianthus annuus) organic #3 Sunflower 'Mittelgroßblumige Gelbe' (Helianthus annuus) organic #4

Sunflower 'Mittelgroßblumige Gelbe' (Helianthus annuus) organic

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Organic certification Brand new!
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The sunflower variety 'Mittelgroßblumige Gelbe' is the classic, very tall-growing, yellow sunflower. It can achieve a plant height of 3 metres and forms large flower heads. These have the bright circle of sun yellow petals around the large dark
brown middle. From approx. September, the dark sunflower seeds can be harvested or remained on the plant as birds' food for the autumn and winter. Of course, sunflower seeds can be directly peeled and eaten. Furthermore, the well-known sunflower seed oil is pressed out of them.
The variety only slightly tends to lateral flower formation. Like with all sunflowers, the blossoms are often visited by various insects for the pollen and nectar harvest in summer. Sunflowers are deep-rooted plants and, therefore, often are cultivated as green manure. The roots improve the ventilation of the soil and the high leaf mass later serves as perfect organic manure.

Sunflowers belong so obviously to our gardens and landscape that you wouldn't get the idea that this plant isn't indigenous to Europe. Indeed, it originates from Northern and Central America and was only brought to Europe by the Spanish conquerors. In any case, it belongs to the very old cultivated plants of the human. This is also proven by archaeological findings in the direct surroundings of the Mississippi.

The very attractive and decorative, large blossoms are very often used as a symbol and image and are, of course, a symbol for the sun and summer.

Helianthus annuus seeds, content: Approx. 20 sunflower seeds
Details: Plant description & care
Plant family:
Country of origin:
Central AmericaNorth America
Plant height approx.:
100 – 200 cm
Flowering time:
Flower colour:
Root system :
Deep roots Taproot
Lifecycle :
full sun
Cut flowerGreen manureMedicinal plantOil plantOrnamental plant
Sowing & cultivation
Indoor pre-culture (seedling stage):
Sowing time outdoors:
Sowing depth:
3 cm
Best germination temperature :
7 – 10 °C
Planting distance:
25 – 45 cm
Honey plant
Main harvest:
Bad intercropping partners:
Good intercropping partners:
Bush beansCucumbersOnions
Preculture in pots indoors in April and May or directly outdoors in mid-May after the last frosts. Sowing depth 2-4 cm. Sunflowers prefer a warm and sunny spot in deep, humous and nutrient-rich soil. Planting distance 25-45 cm.
Other names
Botanical name:
helianthus annuus
German names:
English names:
common sunflower
French names:
Spanish names:
acahualcalomflor de escudojáquimamaravillamaíz de tejamirasoltlapololote
Italian names:
girasole comune
Item number
Magic Garden Seeds
Seed quantity:
20 Pcs.


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