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Comfrey (Symphytum officinale)

Comfrey (Symphytum officinale)
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Seed quantity:
30 Pcs.
Botanical name:
S. peregrinum, Symphytum officinale


Symphytum officinale is a plant of the borage family, with large hairy leaves and clusters of white or purple bell-shaped flowers. The name comfrey is derived from the latin conferva, com-fervere, 'boil together, heal', thus referring to the plants
medical use: external application encourages the healing process of wounds.
Comfrey root extract can also be used as a fertilizer.

30 comfrey seeds

Growing instructions
The seed of the perennial comfrey germinate very irregularly over a long period. Sow directly outdoors in spring.

Details: Plant description & care

Plant family:
Plant height approx.:
30–60 cm
Root system :
Deep roots
Flower colour:
Pink, Violet, White
Flowering period :
July, June, May
Partially shady, Sun
Water requirements:
Moderately moist
Lifecycle :
Perennial, Vivacious
Winter hardy up to:
Fully hardy

Sowing & cultivation

Indoor pre-culture (seedling stage):
Sowing time outdoors:
April, February, March, November, October
Sowing depth:
1 – 2 cm
Germination time in days:
21 – 28
Planting distance approx.:
50 cm

Companion planting

Other names

German names:
Arznei–Beinwell, Beinheil, Beinwurz, Bienenkraut, Comfrey, Echter Beinwell, Eselohrwurz, Gemeiner Beinwell, Hasenbrot, Hasenlaub, Honigblum, Komfrei, Kuchenkraut, Milchwurz, Schadheilwurzel, Schmalwurz, Schwarzwurz, Wallwurz, Wundallheil, Zuckerhaferl
English names:
Boneset, Common comfrey, Consound, Cultivated comfrey, Knitbone, Quaker comfrey, Slippery–root, True comfrey
French names:
Confée, Grande Consoude, Langue de vache, Oreille d'âne
Spanish names:
Consuelda, Consuelda blanca, Consuelda mayor, Consuelda áspera, Consólida, Consólida mayor, Hierba de las cortaduras, Hierba de los cerdos, Lengua de buey, Oreha mulo, Oreja de asno, Ricasuelda, Silbote, Sinfito, Sinfito mayor, Suelda, Suelda consuelda, Suelda–consuelda, Sueldaconsuelda
Italian names:
Alo, Borragina selvatica, Borrana selvatica, Consolidata comune, Consolidata maggiore, Erba del cardinale, Erba di San Lorenzo, Erba pedocchiara, Naro, Orecchia d'asino, Simfito, Sinfito


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5 of 5 stars
by Ilka on 1/28/17

2016. Vorkultur im Haus, gut gekeimt. In den Garten gesetzt, super gewachsen, riesige Blätter. Schön geblüht.

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