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Einkorn wheat (Triticum monococcum)

Einkorn wheat (Triticum monococcum)
Einkorn wheat (Triticum monococcum) #0 Einkorn wheat (Triticum monococcum) #1
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650 Pcs.
Botanical name:
Triticum monococcum


Einkorn wheat is an ethnobotanically extremely important crop because it is an ancient grain from the ancestral line of wheat. Archaeological finds have shown that Einkorn wheat seeds were cultivated by Stone Age people in Central Europe. This
ancient heirloom grain is thus one of the oldest cultivated plants of mankind. Due to its lower crop yields, it has been largely forgotten over the centuries, altought recently, Einkorn wheat has been experiencing a renaissance as a food crop.
Einkorn has similar culinary properties like modern wheat, but it is much more digestible, especially for people with wheat and gluten intolerance. This is probably due to its rather simple genetic structure: Modern wheat has been created by crossing multiple different gramineae over and over again and contains 42 chromosomes, while Einkorn wheat has a much simpler code with only 14 chromosomes. These efforts in crossing and breeding wheat have likely caused changes in the structure of wheat proteins, which in turn may cause these allergic or auto-immune responses to wheat gluten which many people suffer from nowadays.

Contents: Approx. 650 Einkorn seeds
Sowing and cultivation

The seeds are sown directly into the field. Either in autumn, the beginning of September to mid-October or in the spring, early March to early April. When sowing as a winter crop in autumn, the plant overwinters in rosette stage and flowers the following year.

Details: Plant description & care

Plant family:
Plant height approx.:
60–140 cm
Flower colour:
Flowering period :
July, June
Water requirements:
Watering during dry periods
Lifecycle :
Winter hardy up to:
Not hardy

Sowing & cultivation

Sowing time outdoors:
April, March, October, September
Sowing depth:
2 – 4 cm
Germination time in days:
7 – 30
Main harvest:
August, September

Companion planting

Other names

German names:
Blicken, Kleiner Spelz
French names:
blé gaulois, engrain, petit épeautre


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