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Great burnet (Sanguisorba officinalis)

Great burnet (Sanguisorba officinalis)
Great burnet (Sanguisorba officinalis) #0 Great burnet (Sanguisorba officinalis) #1 Great burnet (Sanguisorba officinalis) #2
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Seed quantity:
100 Pcs.
Botanical name:
Pimpinella officinalis, Poterium officinale, S. major, S. polygama, Sanguisorba officinalis
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The great burnet is the big brother of the salad burnet or pimpernel. Similar to its smaller sibling, you can use it as a spicy wild herb, with a slightly milder taste. Young leaves and flower buds can also be eaten in a salad or used as a topping,
but the plant has gathered more attention as a medicinal than as a culinary plant.

It is said to have hemostatic and anti-inflammatory effects, for example. The great burnet is also very well suited as a graceful perennial in your flowerbed, where its dark red flowers can be a nice accent.

Package with approx. 100 great burnet seeds

Growing instructions

Outdoor sowing is possible from March to June and from August to September. The seed sometimes germinates with a slight delay the following year. Sow seeds broad-cast, press lightly and keep moist.
Avoid transplanting, so as not to damage the delicate taproot. Likes sun and partial shade.

Details: Plant description & care

Plant family:
Plant height approx.:
30–120 cm
Root system :
Deep roots , Taproot
Flower colour:
Flowering period :
August, July, November, October, September
Partially shady, Sun
Water requirements:
Moderately moist
Lifecycle :
Winter hardy up to:
–34 °C

Sowing & cultivation

Sowing time outdoors:
April, August, June, March, May, September
Sowing depth:
Needs light to germinate
Planting distance approx.:
50 cm

Companion planting

Other names

German names:
Bibernell, Blutknopf, Blutkraut, Blutströpfchen, Herrgottsbärtlein, Sperberkraut, Wiesenbibernelle
English names:
Greater burnet, burnet bloodwort, garden burnet
French names:
Grande pimprenelle, Sanguisorbe officinale
Spanish names:
Agrimonia bastarda, pampanilla, pempinela, pimpinela de los prados, sanguisorba de roca, sanguisorba mayor
Italian names:
Meloncello, Salvastrella maggiore


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