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Seed kit: 'Rare asparagus seeds'

3 gourmet asparagus varieties

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Seed kit: 'Rare asparagus seeds'
Seed kit: 'Rare asparagus seeds' #0 Seed kit: 'Rare asparagus seeds' #1 Seed kit: 'Rare asparagus seeds' #2 Seed kit: 'Rare asparagus seeds' #3 Seed kit: 'Rare asparagus seeds' #4 Seed kit: 'Rare asparagus seeds' #5 Seed kit: 'Rare asparagus seeds' #6
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Asparagus is a gourmet-vegetable and private cultivation of this premium product sure is worthwhile. In the beginning, this process requires patience, as the plants take about three years before they yield their first crops. But once they do,
asparagus cultivation is astonishingly simple: The plants can remain in one patch for up to twelve years and can be harvested each year during this time.
For preservation of old varieties, the upbringing from seeds is even more advisable, as the seedlings that are usually sold are generally of the most common variety. Interestingly, sprouts from few other plants, like hops, can also be prepared like asparagus. This seed kit contains 3 asparagus varieties:
  • White Asparagus 'Ruhm von Braunschweig' (Asparagus officinalis)
    Highly aromatic. This white variety has become very rare and is hardly sold.
  • Green asparagus "Mary Washington" (Asparagus officinalis)
    A very robust, low-maintenance green asparagus variety, that grows on different soils.
  • Bath Asparagus (Ornithogalum pyrenaicum)
    This flavourful wild asparagus variety is easy to cultivate. On top, its beautiful white starshaped blossoms are quite decorative.
The seeds of each variety are packaged in a separate sachet.

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Bath Asparagus (Ornithogalum pyrenaicum)
1Bath Asparagus (Ornithogalum pyrenaicum)
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{"list_position":0,"systype":"article","name":"Bath Asparagus (Ornithogalum pyrenaicum)","id":"1284","list_name":"setlist"}
Green asparagus "Mary Washington" (Asparagus officinalis)
1Green asparagus "Mary Washington" (Asparagus officinalis)
2.29 € *
{"list_position":1,"systype":"article","name":"Green asparagus \"Mary Washington\" (Asparagus officinalis)","id":"1112","list_name":"setlist"}
White Asparagus 'Ruhm von Braunschweig' (Asparagus officinalis)
1White Asparagus 'Ruhm von Braunschweig' (Asparagus officinalis)
2.29 € *
{"list_position":2,"systype":"article","name":"White Asparagus 'Ruhm von Braunschweig' (Asparagus officinalis)","id":"1001","list_name":"setlist"}


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