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Seed kit: Colourful carrots, 4 varieties

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Seed kit: Colourful carrots, 4 varieties
Seed kit: Colourful carrots, 4 varieties
Seed kit: Colourful carrots, 4 varieties
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Carrots are traditional root vegetables and belong to the group of the oldest agricultural crops.

Most commonly known are the classic, orange carrot varieties, which are very popular when served as side dish, in soups and stews, as juice or even mashed.
However, it may come as a surprise that the colour range of carrots is much wider, extending from white carrots to purple, red, yellow and of course the commonly established orange variety. The different carrot varieties not only differentiate themselves by their colour but very often also by their flavour. Yellow carrots for example tend to be less sweet, white carrots are known for being very aromatic and purple carrots in general have a stronger more pronounced taste.

For this seed kit we hand selected 4 unusual carrot varieties of different colours:
  • Purple carrot 'Zanahoria morada' (Daucus carota) approx. 1000 seeds
    A purple heirloom carrot cultivar deriving from the true wild carrot species, which has a pronounced aromatic carrot flavour.
  • Early round carrot 'Paris market' (Daucus carota) approx. 1000 seeds
    The orange carrot 'Paris market' produces small, round crops early in the season and grows well in pots and window boxes.
  • Yellow carrot 'Jaune Du Doubs' (Daucus carota) approx. 500 seeds
    A yellow carrot variety with a slightly tart aroma, ideal for stews and one-pots. Carrots of this variety also store well.
  • White carrot 'Blanche a Collet Vert' (Daucus carota) approx. 1000 seeds
    This white carrot variety probably comes closest to the original wild carrot, in terms of its appearance and is particularly tasty due to its concentrated aroma. li>
The seeds of each variety are packaged in a separate sachet. br/>

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