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Root Chervil (Chaerophyllum bulbosum) Seeds

Product code: CHA01
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An umbelliferous plant with small white flowers and a carrot-like tap route, which is used for flavouring soups etc. The aroma intensifies the longer the plant is stored. Heirloom variety (read more about Heirloom plants).
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Growing instructions
This plant is a cold-germinator. The sowing must be kept cold for a period of some weeks (refrigerator) or you sow them in very early spring or autumn. Mix the seeds with damp sand in a plastic bag. The sowing must be kept warm (about 20C / 64 to 72F and moist for the first 2-4 weeks. After this period place it in your refrigerator at a temperature of 5C (between 25 and 39F) for 5 to 6 weeks. After that take the bag out and keep it at room temperature. Check for sprouted seed regulary.

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Buy Root Chervil (Chaerophyllum bulbosum) seeds in our online store. Magic Garden Seeds is specialized in ethnobotanical, rare and unusual plants. In our Ethnobotanicals section you find seeds from plants which have medicinal or ritual uses. Since the beginning of civilization, people have used plants as medicine. In the Heirloom Vegetable Seeds section you find Heritage Seeds that are handed from one generation to the next sometimes for hundred years.