Front of seed packet


Back of seed packet

A quick guide to our seed packets

Maybe you’ve got a Magic Garden Seeds packet in your hands and you’re wondering what all the various bits of information mean?
Then you’re in just the right place.

Our seed packets come in a handy format which doesn’t leave much room on them for information.
Nonetheless we want to provide key information about the plant variety they contain and various factors to consider when sowing the seeds.
So here’s a quick tour of the information you’ll find on our seed packets.

The front of the packet has a gorgeous illustration themed to match the plant variety inside.
Underneath this is the plant’s name in German and English along with the botanical name.
If the seeds are organic you can tell this straight away from the green organic logo above the plant name to the right-hand side.

The back has information about the plant and how the seeds should be sown. The meaning of the different symbols is explained below.
Above the barcode you’ll find a link to that plant variety in our online shop, printed in colour. Use this link if you’d like more detailed information or pictures for this seed variety.

What do the symbols on our seed packets mean?

optimale Keimtemperatur

Shows the ideal average ground temperature the seeds need to germinate, given in degrees Celsius. Following this instruction is essential.

Vorkultur im Haus

Shows the right time for sowing indoors, giving the month in Roman numerals. If nothing is shown here we advise sowing the seeds outdoors.

Direktsaat im Freien

Shows the right time for direct sowing outdoors. The months are indicated with Roman numerals. If nothing is shown here we advise starting the seeds indoors.

optimaler Pflanzabstand

Shows the ideal planting distance for young plants, in centimetres or metres. The plants will need at least this amount of space in order to grow well.


Shows the recommended sowing depth in centimetres. If "0 cm" is shown the seeds should simply be scattered on the surface and pressed down lightly: these seeds need exposure to light in order to germinate.