Fruit & nuts

Strawberries and nuts are the classic fruits for growing in gardens, of course, but you can also grow a whole range of fruit trees and wild fruit varieties from seed – including snowy mespilus, service tree, crab apple, wild cherry, medlar, and unusual nuts like bladdernut. In most gardens it’s even possible to plant melons suited to cooler climates.

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Fruit, including berries, is an area where attitudes are currently beginning to change, following years of declining orchard numbers. One possibility is to keep a look-out for wild or forgotten fruit trees or fruit-bearing bushes, in order to harvest and process what nature offers freely and abundantly.

Another possibility is to sow your own fruit trees and bushes. In many urban centres even parks are slowly being converted into community food forests, offering opportunities to forage apples, pears, cherries and all kinds of wild fruit through the seasons.