My seeds aren’t germinating – what’s gone wrong?

There are two reasons for seeds failing to germinate:

  1. The seeds are too old or weren’t stored properly.
  2. The seeds weren’t sown in the right conditions.

What does Magic Garden Seeds do to ensure that seeds germinate?

Seeds are a natural product. Their development reflects the conditions in which the mother plant grew. Because of this, professional seed producers make sure they harvest seed only from the strongest, healthiest plants. Even so it can occasionally happen that something goes wrong, meaning less healthy seeds are harvested.

In most cases we’ve known our seed suppliers for many years and we know we can rely on them to provide fresh seeds of outstanding quality. When we receive the seeds, however, we check the quality again by undertaking germination tests before we pack the seeds in individual seed packets. Additionally every packet is marked with a best-before date as a guide to how long the seeds can be kept for.

What you can do to help ensure your seeds germinate:

  1. Buy only the quantity of seeds you need for immediate use. We always recommend sowing the fresh seed within a year if possible.
  2. If you are storing your seeds then keep them in a place that’s as dark, cool and dry as possible.
  3. When sowing your seeds follow the instructions on the packet carefully, paying particular attention to the sowing time, sowing depth and ideal temperature for germination. You can find more detailed sowing advice at How to sow your seeds.