Mixed Planting Seed Kits – a little chaos is a very good thing

If you grow your vegetables in a mixed planting scheme your vegetable beds will rarely look neat and tidy. Yet gardeners who invite a little bit of chaos into their veg plot generally don’t look back – simply because it makes for better harvests.

This growing strategy draws on age-old wisdom around which plants do and don’t make good companions.

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In many cases the phenomenon has very simple and rational explanations – as with the ‘three sisters’ planting method, which dates back to the ancient Mayan peoples, who knew that growing corn, squashes (or pumpkin) and beans together in the same bed makes perfect sense. Corn, like the squashes, needs plenty of water and nutrients. The corn grows tall, while the squash plants spread over the ground – so they’re not competing for space. In fact with its many large leaves the squash shades the soil surface and protects it from moisture loss. Meanwhile the beans fix nitrogen in the soil, providing key nutrients for the squash and corn. At the same time the bean plants use the corn as a climbing support – so all three plants benefit from growing together.

Our Mixed Planting Seed Kits contain combinations of plant varieties that will grow well together in the same space. The plant varieties in the kits work well together either as companions or because their harvest times follow in succession in the gardening year. These kits are a great way of helping you to plan a vegetable garden with mixed plantings and crop succession.