Palm Tree Seeds

Palm trees are among the plants that are ideal for the cultivation from seeds, as they are monocots and can not be grown from cuttings and are very complicated to cultivate using other asexual propagation methods. Some palms form side shoots which can be raised into new palm tree plants, but that's only true for a few cultivars. For the cultivation of palm trees from seeds, however, you need one thing in particular: a lot of time, and a lot of patience. Palm seeds germinate very irregularly and sometimes have very long germination periods of weeks to months, or even up to an entire year. Once sown, they only need a uniformly warm location, and with a little bit of luck you'll discover a small green shoot.
Palm seeds can be completely different in terms of sizes and shapes, from small reddish berries to mighty coconuts. Decisive for their germination - as with virtually all plants - is the age of the seed: the fresher the seed, the better it germinates. Palm seeds benefit if they are soaked in water for up to 72 hours before planting, and the water is regularly renewed. Also, the seed coat should be opened or removed completely. A good method is also putting the seeds into a seed bag (plastic ziplock bag) together with some sphagnum moss and let them germinate at temperatures ranging between 26 and 33 °C.

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