Grow your own magic

Welcome to our magic garden!
Here at Magic Garden Seeds we’ve been selling seeds online since 1997.

Seeds are the secret of every successful garden. They’re the start of everything – the gardening equivalent of the primordial soup from which all life began. These tiny little grains contain all the energy a plant needs in order to germinate, grow and develop to its full splendour.
They are a wonderful, astonishing everyday miracle – one we invite you to share with us in our Magic Garden.

Here's where you'll find our vast range of seeds, covering more than 1,000 plant varieties in all. Whether you’re looking for vegetables, herbs or flowers, you can be sure of finding just the plant you need – there’s something here for every gardener and every individual garden.

Our special passion has always been heirloom and open-pollinated varieties and the biodiversity they help to preserve. So there’s a huge choice of heirloom vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants here, as well as an extensive range of ethnobotanical plants from all over the world.

Immerse yourself in our magic garden – and share our fascination with the world of plants.