Gift Seed Kits for seasoned and pro gardeners

Sowing seeds is basically a very easy and well-documented process – yet even so sometimes you reach the limits of your knowledge and don’t understand why certain seeds simply won’t germinate. Mostly this is down to minor details you haven’t taken into account or something you’ve done wrong because you didn’t know differently. Generally the earth is too wet or dry, too warm or too cold.

Yet there are also many plant varieties whose seeds do indeed require very specific conditions in order to germinate. What this ultimately comes down to is time. It may sound simple but it can be really challenging: allowing plenty of time means that we need to have plenty of patience. It might take a whole year, or even two, for a seed to start germinating – a timescale many of us might find extremely taxing. Fortunately that isn’t the case with all the varieties included in this category – but they do all require patience, skill and sensitivity.

We recommend these seed kits for the seasoned gardeners among you – they might not bring the instant success that beginner gardeners need, but they definitely offer the thrill of a challenge.

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