Seeds for herbs and plants for lucid dreaming

For many people the mental ability to control and influence one's own dreams is very desirable, because dreams can reveal one's own personality. Ethnobotanical research and practice has long been exploring plants and herbs that promote and support these processes.
A collection term for such dream herbs and other plants which promote lucid dreaming is "oneirogens", which means dream producers.

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These are often shamanic preparations known for thousands of years: beverages or incense which have been ritually used to predict the future or to answer complex questions. They were also used in connection with astral projection and other spiritual journeys. Their effects vary enormously from one person to the next and are little explored by science.

Among those oneirogenic plants, however, there are not exclusively tropical or rare ones such as ayahuasca or calea, all of which come from South America, but also common wild herbs such as mugwort or St. John's wort which can be cultivated easily from seed in most climatic zones.